Extracting UDAs from the Outline

By Keith Kikta

First, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. Now it's back to real life... I have been doing quite a bit with DRM for a »

Installing JunkieFramework in FDMEE

By Justin Waldrip

In a previous blog post we announced the release of the JunkieFramework (call it whatever you want). This post will focus on getting the framework »

PEP 8 and Logging

By Keith Kikta

Over the weekend I spent a little more time on the FDMEE framework, while implementing some new logging functionality I felt compelled to look into »

Its a collaboration not a dictatorship

By Keith Kikta

Well we already have our first big change to the framework. As Justin was working with it he found the instance variables to be a »

Whats that you say an FDMEE Framework?

By Keith Kikta

Lately Justin, Erik and I have been discussing FDMEE quite a bit. We recently realized that we were doing many of the same things however »

JConsole to the Rescue

By Keith Kikta

A few months back I ran into this error Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space while working on some ODI integrations. I pulled up a quick »

Jython Debugging for ODI (revisited)

By Keith Kikta

Over a year ago I wrote a two part (1, 2) post about ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) debugging using Eclipse. This post was meant to »