Its a collaboration not a dictatorship

By Keith Kikta

Well we already have our first big change to the framework. As Justin was working with it he found the instance variables to be a »

Whats that you say an FDMEE Framework?

By Keith Kikta

Lately Justin, Erik and I have been discussing FDMEE quite a bit. We recently realized that we were doing many of the same things however »

Installing Jython

By Keith Kikta

Jython is the language that powers Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), it also is one of two options (Visual Basic (VB) is the other, it has »

Dynamic Calcs from FDMEE Event Scripts

By Justin Waldrip

In a recent project I came across a process the client wanted to keep intact that seemed easy enough in FDMEE. They had multiple calc »

Rounding in FDM vs FDMEE (Visual Basic to Jython)

By Keith Kikta

FDM to FDMEE conversions have been very popular in the past year or so for obvious reasons. While users can choose to keep using visual »