FDMEE Parallelism Gone Wild? Rein it in with custom throttling!

By Erik West

If you're like me, you've noticed (perhaps despairingly) that FDMEE settings can be a bit extreme. You need to tightly control the order and concurrency »

FrankenHyperion (Ubuntu, SQL Server for Linux and Nginx)

By Keith Kikta

If you read my last post you know I ran into some problems at the end. Not related to SQL Server but related to how »

EPM and SQL Server on Ubuntu

By Keith Kikta

Today we try something different. I have a stock Ubuntu installation in Hyper-V. Microsoft has released SQL Server for Linux, I think SQL Server for »

Kscope 17 Recap - Day 3

By Keith Kikta

I have got to start getting to sleep earlier but I have been having too much fun meeting with people. So yea I missed the »

Kscope 17 Recap - Day 2

By Keith Kikta

I started the day by following Cameron into the Essbase Development session, I was running a bit late, and had a few takeaways. Essbase Studio »