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Resetting Admin Passwords

Keith Kikta

Say you have lost your EPM admin password for whatever reason (no judgement) and its now set to something that you don't know. Here is a little script I picked up long ago that might help you out. I make no warrenty that this will work (it has in the past but its been a while since I have needed it) so you probably want to test this before using it in production ;)

First you will need to login to the database with the user/password that is the owner of the shared services repository with your preferred SQL client. I personally like DataGrip but Oracle SQL Developer or any equivalent tool will work. Then run the following SQL command to set the password to "password" which I think is still the default EPM password.

update CSS_USERS
set PASSWORD='{SHA}W6ph5Mm5Pz8GgiULbPgzG37mj9g='
where name='admin';
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