Kscope 17 Recap - Day 1

By Keith Kikta

Fun times out here in San Antonio, if you haven't been you definitely want to check out Kscope next year in Orlando. I haven't let »

Comparing Properties in DRM

By Keith Kikta

Overview My client updates several hierarchies monthly using extracts from SAP (DRM is not currently the source of Master Data). One of the things updated »

Creating DRM Properties that Inherit from Descendants

By Keith Kikta

Overview To inherit is defined as "to receive or be left with (a situation, object, etc.) from a predecessor or former owner." DRM allows for »

Extracting UDAs from the Outline

By Keith Kikta

First, hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. Now it's back to real life... I have been doing quite a bit with DRM for a »

Installing JunkieFramework in FDMEE

By Justin Waldrip

In a previous blog post we announced the release of the JunkieFramework (call it whatever you want). This post will focus on getting the framework »