Jython Debugging for ODI (revisited)

By Keith Kikta

Over a year ago I wrote a two part (1, 2) post about ODI (Oracle Data Integrator) debugging using Eclipse. This post was meant to »

Installing Jython

By Keith Kikta

Jython is the language that powers Oracle Data Integrator (ODI), it also is one of two options (Visual Basic (VB) is the other, it has »

Confessions from a EPMA user

By Keith Kikta

So this a confession from a consultant that has primarily used EPMA. So when I first learned Oracle EPM the Enterprise Performance Management Architect (EPMA) »

Dynamic Calcs from FDMEE Event Scripts

By Justin Waldrip

In a recent project I came across a process the client wanted to keep intact that seemed easy enough in FDMEE. They had multiple calc »

Reinstalling Windows 8.1 on a Levono Yoga Tablet 2-1051F

By Keith Kikta

So first to my EPM readers this one is not for you unless you have one of these tablets and its not turning on. Recently »

Oracle EPM 11.1.2.X Memory Settings (Heap)

By Keith Kikta

Overview Lets not kid around, Oracle EPM is a beast. Any environment that has more than 2 users is probably going to require some performance »

Rounding in FDM vs FDMEE (Visual Basic to Jython)

By Keith Kikta

FDM to FDMEE conversions have been very popular in the past year or so for obvious reasons. While users can choose to keep using visual »