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Keith Kikta

Well we already have our first big change to the framework. As Justin was working with it he found the instance variables to be a pain point. Each use of a variable required it be wrapped in a to string function str(jf.variable). If the variable was not explicitly typed as a string errors such as 1st arg can't be coerced to String or TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'instance' objects occurred. His proposed change was to implement these variables as properties. So we branched the code base and converted the instance variables to properties.

After some testing we have come to the conclusion that this is a good change and I will be merging with the master branch. One note this will break the ability to parse out the month and year from the PERIODNAME context variable, however we are looking at re-implementing that in a way that will be more universally compatible.

On that I would like to encourage anyone who wants to help contribute to the framework to do so. We welcome feedback and want to make this useful to the community as a whole. If you have find a bug or have a feature request but might not have the time or know-how to implement it your self please create an issue. Those that want to fix a bug or implement a new feature, I encourage you to create a fork of the framework on GitHub, make your changes and create a pull request so that we can bring your edits into the master.

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