Configuring ODI Studio with FDMEE

This post is a continuation of my previous post on Installing ODI Studio with FDMEE. I know this has been covered elsewhere but I figure it can't hurt to have a step by step guide.

FDMEE Settings

First locate the Data Management component of Oracle EPM by Navigating to Administer and then Data Managment assuming the user accessing the system has the necessary permissions.
Workspace -> Data Management

Next locate System Settings in the Setup tab and select the ODI profile to show the repository connection information.
FDMEE Repository Settings

ODI Studio Repository Configuration

After obtaining the connection information from FDMEE you can setup ODI to connect to the repository. In ODI select connect to repositry in the designer tab or select Connect from the ODI menu item in the menubar.
ODI Connect to Repository

Next click on the plus icon to create a connection to the repository.
ODI New Login

Once on the repository connetion information screen you will enter the setting you previously collected from FDMEE as well as enter the Repository and database passwords. The default repository password for the SUPERVISOR account is SUNOPSIS. You will also need to assign a Login Name this is purely informational and should be set to whatever helps you identify this repository.
ODI Login Connection Information

Once you have defined the database and master repository information use the magnifying glass to select a work repository.
ODI Work Repository
ODI Finish Repository Information

Now that the login has been defined you will be able to connect to the repository. If more than one login is avaiable you will be able to select the login (repository) to connect to.
ODI Login Connect

If you have connected to the FDMEE repository you will see that a few project shells have been created.
ODI FDMEE Repository

With this access you can now use one of the existing projects to interface with FDMEE or create something entirely new.